What is ARRP?

The Autonomous Robotics Research Project is a new student-led initiative at the University of Melbourne. It was created to enable engineering and IT students to gain experience in automation, robotics and machine intelligence. Project duration ranges from 6 months to 1+ years and accommodates all engineering fields.

Our Mission:

To promote and support experience in automation, robotics and machine intelligence through technical projects, research projects, and competitions.


Who are we?

2019 ARRP Management Team:

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Projects are designed by senior students and university academics for all skill ranges. Level of difficulty is broken into: Beginner, Intermediate and Difficult.

Have a look at some of the projects offered.


Project Name: DIY Phone Remote Bot

Team Size: 3-6

Create a small Smart-Phone controlled robot that resembles a small RC toy car. This small robot will be designed and made entirely by the team from scratch, from the mechanical design to electronic systems to software development. Alongside creating a miniature robot, the team will also learn basic concepts from different disciplines of engineering.

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